Head injury in soccer: From science to the field; summary of the head injury summit held in April 2017 in New York City, New York

There has been an increased focus and awareness of head injury and sport-related concussion (SRC) across all sports from the medical and scientific communities, sports organisations, legislators, the media and the general population. Soccer, in particular, has been a focus of attention due to the popularity of the game, the frequency of SRC and the hypothesised effects of repetitive heading of the ball. Major League Soccer, US Soccer and the National Women`s Soccer League jointly hosted a conference entitled, `Head Injury in Soccer: From Science to the Field`, on 21-22 April 2017 in New York City, New York. The mission of this conference was to identify, discuss and disseminate evidence-based science related to the findings and conclusions of the fifth International Conference on Concussion in Sport held by the Concussion in Sport Group and apply them to the sport of soccer. In addition, we reviewed information regarding the epidemiology and mechanism of head injuries in soccer at all levels of play, data regarding the biomechanics and effects of repetitive head impacts and other soccer-specific considerations. We discussed how to release the information raised during the summit to key stakeholders including athletes, parents, coaches and healthcare providers. We identified future areas for research and collaboration to enhance the health and safety of soccer (football) players.
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Subjects: soccer female health head injury
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DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2018-100232
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Published: 2019
Volume: 53
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