Reliability and validity of the `Elite Form` 3D motion capturing system

The `Elite Form` system was reliable in capturing mean and peak velocity in the squat and a countermovement jump across varying loads. It was valid capturing mean velocity only in the squat. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the reliability and validity of the `Elite Form` 3D motion capturing system. Twelve strength trained male (n=8) and female (n=5) athletes performed strength (squat) and ballistic (countermovement jump) movements across a range of loads. The `Elite Form` system, Ballistic Measurement System (BMS) and Vicon Vantage motion capture system (Vicon) concurrently captured peak and mean velocity in order for reliability (intraclass correlation coefficient - ICC; coefficient of variation - CV) and validity (Pearson correlation coefficient - PCC, percentage difference between the means) of the `Elite Form` system to be assessed. Vicon was considered to be the gold standard from which to determine reliability and validity of the system, with the Ballistic Measurement System considered due to its practicality of use. Velocity measures captured by the `Elite Form` system were reliable in assessing mean velocity (ICC > 0.90) in the squat at loads of 65, 75 and 85%, and the 35%CMJ. At peak velocity the system demonstrated reliability (ICC > 0.90) at squat loads of 65, 75 and 85%, and in the BWCMJ. The EF system showed strong validity against the Vicon system in mean velocity of squat loads (65%, 75% and 85%). The difference between the means of peak and mean velocity, measured as a percentage, of `Elite Form` against both the Vicon and Ballistic Measurement Systems varied widely across the spectrum of loads and exercises (-11.72 - 11.50%).
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Subjects: movement analysis investigation method measuring procedure technology training strength exercise movement co-ordination movement velocity
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Published in: Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning
Published: 2018
Volume: 26
Issue: 5
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